Innovation is our strength

We are leading Australian design and drafting companies that provide a wide range of architectural design services at an affordable price. As a global leader in all types of reverse engineering techniques, our project managers having years of experience in rapid prototyping, 3D printing etc., use the best AutoCAD drafting and drawing services. We support manufacturing operations by improving an existing design or deliver insufficient design documentation using modern manufacturing methods.

As one of the best reverse engineering services providers, we help our customers to offer detailed 3D models with improvised design. With an excellent design process, we leverage the latest technologies to deliver top quality services to our clients. Our effective reverse engineering services are not limited to the manufacturing industry and create global clients across various sectors like automotive, consumer electronics, machine tools, medical tools, furniture manufacturing, etc.

Reverse Engineering Services

Our mechanical engineers have extensive industry experience that includes hands-on product development and other manufacturing experience. Our reverse engineering services play an essential role in the generation and modification of CAD models, especially in 3D CAD services. Our company dealt with customer requirements on a wide scale by taking care of complexity.

With deep expertise in CAD drawing, design and drafting services, we as home designers provide the highest quality engineering design services by demanding various industries' projects. We carry out work involving class A surfaces as well as electronics intensive  consumer products . Our team has worked on castings, forgings, and injection moulded parts that are as small as a couple of millimeters as those that are several feet in dimensions.

Our Capabilities includes:

  • Detailed Part Specifications
  • Part Scanning
  • Benchmarking
  • Parametric Modelling
  • Hybrid Surface Modelling
  • Drawing and Modeling Packages
  • Shrink-wrap surface Modelling
  • CAI and CAV

The technology of Australian Design & Drafting lies in skilled hands. Therefore, we are here to provide solutions in your existing project. Our  mechanical engineers  have broad industry experience and hold  product development  & manufacturing experience. They have designed prototyped complex products. Our efforts include complex automotive castings, investment cast components used in aircraft engines, injection moulded furniture and medical devices. Industries that we have served range from hi-technology, medical, consumer electronics to machine tool, aerospace and automotive. If you're seeking a cost-effective and efficient reverse engineering service provider, then get in touch with our expert.

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